What is UBI?

UBi is a platform for all users/influencers/ creators that can freely express themselves on our platform. Many content creators use different social media platforms adding value to web2 platforms. But majority of web2 social media platforms carry many limitations for their creators yet bring value to the platform. UBi creators can freely express their limitations to their viewers, whichever/ however they desire. UBi gives back the power to the hands of the users.
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    We understand there are many creators from different backgrounds who create content solely based on their interests (ex: travel, food, music, and many more) and UBi welcomes each one of these hard-working creators. UBi is a crypto-based platform, one of our goals is to send positive message about crypto/ blockchain and the opportunities it can bring, making essential platform for crypto enthusiasts/creators.
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    UBi has its own native currency $UBN for users to earn on the platform. Content creators can monetise their content in multiple ways. This provides more control of their asset moreover ownership and control of their earnings.