UBi is an influential marketplace created with passion, especially for influencers/ creators who want to build a platform around technology that is completely automated and decentralized. Blockchain technology has given birth to many decentralized successful protocols (ex, Cryptocurrency, NFTs). The newest revolution of the World Wide Web is called Web 3.0. The new Web 3.0 mostly uses blockchain technology user data, transactions, and shifting into decentralized protocol. We are integrating the UBi platform entirely on an Ethereum Blockchain.

  1. One of the major advantages of this platform is that it allows users to connect via the Web3 dApp. The user does not provide any personal information. We have built a platform for influencers/creators to Collaborate/ Invite/ Host Events on Web3. Creators/ influencers share and upload their content and its algorithm connects other influencers/ content creators with similar interests, can watch all the trending videos see featured events from the community.

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