đŸŽ¯Mission & Vision


One major mission is to bring the entire community to our platform with fun, unique events, and videos where the audience connects to the digital world with an entirely new concept. We are a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum blockchain with the objective of a community-driven platform and content creators can earn income passively through this platform.

Moreover, we are eager to provide a seamless platform for both users and their audiences. Where both can connect with each other easily, giving an opportunity to every content creator/users to rise on our platform.


With the help of web3 technology, we are aiming that all crypto enthusiasts to gather under one roof, create a strong crypto community, and educate others.

UBi is building a unique place where creators from around the world can come together, put their work on the canvas and earn crypto rewards. We strongly believe that with our platform we encourage more people to learn the nature of the decentralized world and inspire them to adopt this safe & secure technology and benefits of protecting personal data.

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